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My siblings and I had the pleasure of doing business with Ed Gallagher of Ebuild Construction in early 2017 as we were about to put our childhood home up for sale. Our father had just passed and the house held many happy memories for us. It was in desperate need of a remodel and we thought we would never find a buyer.

Enter Ed and his son Ed. They went through the house and so kindly pointed out it’s good points first, along with suggestions for a remodel. They couldn’t have been kinder or more knowledgeable about the style of Home it was, as well as the neighborhood it was in. They came in at a very reasonable price. We sold the house to Ed and never have any of us had an easier transaction! Ed took care of everything! He even allowed us to move only what we wanted from the house. He and his crew emptied the rest and donated what they could.

A few months later, the Home was complete and Ed invited us to tour it before it was put up for sale. What an amazing and gorgeous transformation! We could still feel the happy memories in the house even though it was renovated top to bottom with all of the best materials and fixtures. Somehow ebuild managed to keep the integrity of the house. Neighbors were happy with both the outcome as well as the renovation process.
Needless to say, our dad’s house sold immediately and we would highly recommend Ed Gallagher to anyone.

Kathy idler,704 Malin Rd Radnor PA

"Working with eBuild to sell my mother's house was a smooth process. We needed to clear out my mother's house very quickly and decided selling the house to eBuildwas the most efficient route vs. working with a realtor and all the work involved with a 50+ year old home. There wasn't a whole lot of paperwork and both Ed Jr. and Sr. were very responsive. It was nice to work with one outfit who could handle everything. When it came to the final days of still having some items left to clear out in the house, eBuild allowed us to use their dumpster to dispose of any trash and also helped with removal of any small items left. We were amazed at the new home that was built, and Ed allowed my family to take a walk through before it went up for sale so we could reminisce and enjoy the beautiful transformation. We will recommend eBuild to our friends who have parents in similar situations in older homes that need a efficient and painless process during a stressful time."

Kathleen Pileggi,628 Truman Court, Harleysville, PA 19438